Automated Crochet Machine

Angel Rodriguez ’24

The goal of this project is to create a robotic mechanism that replicates the movements needed to crochet a string of yarn into tangible objects. Such a robot could be used to reduce the amount of time needed to make crocheted cloth and to create more complex patterns in cloth that most human crocheters are able to do. This will be accomplished by using a mix of robotics, coding, and understanding of arts and crafts. The project will consist of one robotic arm that does the actual crocheting, another mechanism that will hold and rotate the crochet into position, and a platform for all the components to stand on. The speed at which the robotic mechanism crochets will be compared to the speed of a human crocheter and a hand crank crochet machine. Data will be collected and compared based on how many crochets can be made in a span of 5 minutes.

Data From Human Crocheter

At the beginning of the project I crocheted for 20 minutes every day for 50 days and collected the data in order to compare to both the hand crank machine and the automated crochet machine. After calculating the average rate I was crocheting, I concluded that in 5 minutes I made an average of 23 crochets.

Below is the piece I crocheted and collected data from:

Pros and Cons to Hand Crocheting

When it comes to crocheting by hand you can make literally anything as long as you learn the correct stitches and practice. On the other hand, crocheting for more than an hour can lead to some pain in your wrist, and maybe even develop carpal tunnel. I personally had to rest my wrist for a while if I crocheted for a long time.

Data From Crochet Machine

Using a hand crank crochet machine, I timed how long it took to stitch the fabric needed to make a hat, and calculated the average time. After doing that I divided the amount of stitches, (5,400), by the average time and found that the machine made an average of 181 stitches every 5 minutes. The crochet machine worked by crocheting in a circular pattern to create a tube shaped cloth. I then stitched the ends of the cloths closed in order to make hats.

The pictures below show the hand crank crochet machine as well as the beginning of a cloth being formed:

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